Each bag handcrafted by Sean with Love--Leather,Fox,Beaver.
Tiny Keychain pouch 2.50
Heart-Star-Small 5.00,Medium 8.00 Large-12.00-
With Bead if prefer
Fox-Left 16.00   Beaver -right 20.00
4 1/2Lx3 1/2          5 1/2x 4 1/2
Leather Pouch
Small 4 in. 5.00
Medium 5 1/2 7.00
Large 6 1/2 in. 10.00
Sean Willyard                  email: and I will call you.
P.O.Box 381
406-662-3432  or 406-446-9023 home
Please add 1.50 for shipping and handling-Leather
Will custom make size-colors of leather.
Please add 10.00 shipping on the Lamps
Will DISCOUNT on orders 5 or more
Call for bartering options=
Checks must clear-money orders shipped immediately.
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Native American
Newest Addition-Lamps-Walking Sticks
Base-Left Lamp 14 in w/shade 25"
Base Right Lamp is 15" w/shade 26"

$100.00 each $110.00 with shade
Will be adding more as made
Shades are 10 "regular--white or offwhite- I can also get the shades made with skin or bark above am working on contacting friend who gets them-Call and haggle over prices
This is  example-Not for Sale
Shade is special made.
  Walking Sticks
These two intertwine-One with hand holding globe-the other with globe midway-Feathers and Leather-$70.00
Below-Hand holding Crystal,Beaver,Leather and Feathers- $35.00
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